[April 13th] The statement of Joint Strugle Headquarters
The Kim Dae-jung Government should take fundamental responsibility for April 10th brutal suppression on Daewoo workers!

[April 10th] Ignoring the Court's Judgement, the Government Illegally Attacked Daewoo Workers-  The 6th Newsletter

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April 10th, the riot policemen of the Kim Dae-jung Government attacked the workers very forcibly. They just requested in front of the factory that they enter the worker's office. In the process, a lot of workers were hurted very severely. A lot of blood were spreaded on the street by the police's violence. More details are as follows.10, April, Daewoo Motor workers were brutally attacked by the police and bloodily injured.  

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[March 17th] A Resolution Rally for Making the Kim Dae-jung Government Retire was Held on Chongmyo Park in the central part of Seoul.

[March 15th] We want to come back our work place.

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[March 14th] MANAGEMENT PLANS TO MOVE Daewoo PUPYONG Factory  

[March 7th]  The Struggle is continuing... 1 - Demonstration in front of Inchon National University of Education

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- Daewoo Bupyung Factory runs again. But we don't give up our struggle. Comrades and laborers who were not arrested in the struggle of attending to the factory, are all together at Inchon National University of Education and Bupyung Station. They are throwing fire bottles with their anger, sorrow, and pain.

A new unit in charge of fending off gasoline bombs
South Korean riot police officers salute in launching a new unit in charge of fending off gasoline bombs on the drill ground of National Police Agency in Seoul Friday, March 9, 2001. Firebombs have made a comeback at protests in the country, featuring heavily in demonstrations against recent layoffs at Daewoo Motor Co. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon, AP)

Bupyung in Korea (the Kim Dae-jung Government) is like under martial law.!!! (March 8th)

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- March 7th, 1750 fired laborers from Daewoo rallied to stop re-running the Bupyung Factory. But Riot police blocked it very cruelly.

What is the problem with Daewoo Laborers?

Family's Struggle who are fired from Daewoo. He only have work very hard. But Daewoo fired him [march 7th] Does President Kim Dae-Jung know this situation??? He said only "Illegal demonstrations and strikes of laborers will be punished by the police."

March 7th, Struggles !!! Please Solidarity !!!

Fired workers from Daewoo  try to go their work places in Daewoo Motor Factory and make attendance struggle. But, the Riot policemen of the Kim Dae-jung Government blockaded them forcibly.

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Urgent Report From Paris [March 3rd]


Feb. 3rd, Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad try to go over the Main Gate of his great Villa in Nice.


  The main gate of Kim Woo-choong's villa. Many post-it and sticker written "this house is belonging to laborers of Daewoo Motor" are put on it.


 The Squad shouts "Kim Woo-choong Should be arrested and punished. We want he to apology all people including Daewoo laborers and unionists." They blockaded the Villa.


[2. 28]
1000 laborers firmly resolute for general strike against DJ regime and corporate selling off
At 17:00 on Feb. 28th, at Sangok cathedral, 1000 workers rallied to make a firm resolution of general strike against DJ regime's violence and corporate selling-off  abroad. Sangok rally was preceded by Street demonstration around Kyesandong. In the process of Kyesandong demonstration, the rally hurled firebombs against violent riot police.

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International Solidarity Websites for the Korean Struggles against Daewoo Mortor are opening on foreign countries' Homepages !!!
- Labor Network from Japan, Germany, Australia etc. are doing their own international solidarity movement for the Daewoo Struggles, for example, sending protest e-mails to Daewoo Co. and making issue fighting world-widely.

   LaborNet Japan, Daewoo Motor Struggle Page
LaborNet Germany | International Solidarity Page
LaborNet Australia Daewoo Motor Struggle Page
      (There are a lot of articles from many presses        in the World)

[Feb. 26th 2pm.] Do away with Lay-off
Rally for withdrawing Kim Dae-joong's government, which puts pressure on the laborers and stoping the layoff of Daewoo, was held on Feb. 26th. It was an sudden on the three corners street in front of Donginchon station.

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The National Labor Assembly which was planed to be held in Bu-pyong on February 24th was forcibly blocked by the combat policemen of Kim Daejung's Government. So, several thousand people intense street struggle expand

KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) National Labor Assembly which was planned on February 24th at 2:00 pm, was completely blocked by the policemen. About 2000 people including the students, unionists, and laborers of Daewoo Motor etc. urgently moved to the field of operations. And they occupied eight-lane road and installed barricade in the street struggle.
Also, other assembly was powerfully held in Pusan, Ulsan, in South and North Areas of Jeon-la Province. Pulverization of Personnel Reduction Dismissal!!! Obtain the Laborer's Right !!!
February 24th 2001
Volume 7th KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) Struggle Report

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Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad Arrived Paris

Feb. 23th, 'A three-member ``death-defying squad,'' with the special mission of arresting the disgraced former Daewoo Group chairman Kim Woo-choong left for Paris. The Daewoo Motor Struggle Headquarters, composed of 26 civic organizations, Feb. 22th, dispatched the arrest squad, also dedicated to internationally denouncing the recently ``forceful'' quelling of the Daewoo Motor labor strike by the government.

   Daily on Paris: [2.23] | [2.24] | [2.25]
   Spot Photos: [Arrival Paris Airport] | [Interview with Broadcast] | [French Newspapers]
   The First
E-mail from France by Hong-Se-whoa

Union Workers Starts sit-in protest
- Workers of Daewoo Motor Co. took stable stage in the Sankok-Dong Cathedral in three days costing when many of them were getting away by the Kim Dae-jung Regime's reckless break-in and suppression. They make a plan to unfold their reaction towards riot police's break-in to gather all of them here.

on Kyonggi-Inchon Highway

- The prosecutor detained the to-be-opened mass rally in Bypyong Station by imposing unmerciful violence.
Then, the Korea Confederation of Trade Union strike against this, taking occupy of thee way line of Highway road with the 2km-long march taking.

Director of Daewoo Mortor reiterates "retaking Company"
- Director of Daewoo Motor, stated "workers will be on the defense to retake the company through urgent announcement.

Rage & Fury against Police's heavy suppression Demonstration was taken participating in about 2000 protesters at 2am of 20th. After protest, protesters were tried going into the main gate of Daewoo Mortor, in course of this, about 900 flame bottles.

Factory of Daewoo Motor in Bupyong got a break-in
Factory of Daewoo Motor in Bupyong, the state power took many casualties by surprise with the 4 vehicles coming forwarding
This incident incited many union workers to flare up their anger amid long term suspension of operation.

Daewoo Motor put 1,750 workers terminated in force  
Union comes allout protest into practice from 16th of Feb.
Lee Jong-dae, Yong-kuk who curries favor with the investors and the administration took action to give 1750 workers a layoff report finally at 5pm of 16th.

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Action Alert!

We need your International Solidarity

Help !!!

We have not enough money to fight and struggle. Can you give any donation or fund to us? Please, we need your help. Things or Fund, Whatever we are fine. We will wait your help. Thanks.

Bank : Chohung Bank
Account : 938-04-179123
Name : An Mi-jeong
BIC-Code : chohkrse 

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 2001. 3. 1 At the site of the struggle at Yonsei University    (2:50)
On National Independence day, the struggle by the Daewoo workers moved to Seoul

 2001. 2. 28 : Struggle in the Streets of In-Chon    (2:50)

 On the day the Korean Metal Workers Federation went on partial strike in solidarity with the workers at Daewoo, the struggle of the Daewoo Trade Union and supporters once again intensified in the streets of In-Chon.  Protestors had to evade police oppression and move to a different site to voice their outrage at the government's actions.

  2001. 2. 24 : Bu-Pyung rally blocked by police, protestors engange in intense struggle at nearby university     (4:00)

Feb. 24th, Bu-pyung station, where the demonstration against layoffs and the attack by police of the Daewoo strike was scheduled, resembled a state of martial law as police filled the area around the station.  Police beat and arrested anyone who seemed a protestor.  Protestors regathered at a nearby university and stacked barricades in the middle of a 8-lane street, and collided violently with police arriving to disperse the crowd.

 2001. 2. 23.  : Kim Woo-Choong Arrest Team Departs for France   (3:20)

To France, to arrest Kim Woo-Choong!  The departure ceremony for the arrest team, which had been delayed by the police raid of the Bu-Pyung factory, was held on the 23rd. A laid off Daewoo Motors union member, the spokesman for the Daewoo Motors Joint Struggle Committee, and the director of organization for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions constitute the arrest team.  The team will attempt to track down Kim Woo-Choong, denounce the police raid of the strike in solidarity with progressive organizations in each country, and inform the people of the atrocities of the neo-liberal policies of the Kim Day-Jung government.

   2001. 2. 22. : Clash at In-Chon University        (3:04)

Bu-Pyung Station was again block by police on the 22nd, and the workers and students gathered at In-Chon University to hold demonstrations in protest.  Violent clashes again ensued.

   2001. 2. 21.    (1:44)

The site of the crack down on the demonstration scheduled at Bu-Pyung on the 21st.  Holding a demonstration was impossible from the start, and dozens(including bystanders and reporters) were hurt and arrested.  

 2001. 2. 21.     (1:30)

While police were violently cracking down on the scheduled strike at Bu-Pyung station, about 50 of the protestors headed to a nearby highway, occupied 3 of the lanes, and marched for about 2 kilometers in protest of the govenment's actions.

   2001. 2. 20.    (3:20)Demonstration to Denounce Police Raid - Struggle to Re-enter Factory  

In the afternoon of the 20th, a demonstration to denounce the police raid of the Daewoo Motors strike was held with 2000 workers and students participating. After the rally, participants marched toward the Bu-Pyung Factory, and collided with police attempting to stop the march.  Clashes between protestors and police ensued, with Molotov cocktails being thrown and a police buses being burnt in the process. 

 2001. 2. 19.    (2:50)Riot Police Sent in to Factory to Break up Strike



 2001. 2. 18. Daewoo Motors Strike Report     (4:30)

Arrest warrants have been put out on 30 of the union leaders at Daewoo Motors since the 17th, and all the entrances to the Bu-Pyung factory are being blocked by police. Around noon on the 18th, union members and their family, social movement activists collided with police while attempting to enter the family.  Many were hurt and several were arrested.


Please make Issue Fighting !!!

Dear Brothers and Sisters!!!







Solidarity from DestroyIMF! Victory to the Daewoo workers struggle!

Fight to win

solidarity message from CGT(France)

Our hearts and thoughts are with you

Neue Einheit: Greetings of solidarity to the workers of Daewoo

Solidarity Message from South Africa

Hello workers

Keep on Fighting Brothers and Sisters!!!



Support for workers

Daewoo alien

To the brave strikers

Solidarity !!!



solidarity and support

 Solidarity! from Amalgamated Transit Union

A few words in support

Dutch political group is solidair with Daewoo workers 

AMWU supports workers' struggle in Korea

love&solidarity from california, us

Stop Repression Against Daewoo Workers

Dutch political group is solidair with Daewoo workers

Dear Korean workers!! Be with Daewoo brothers!!!



March 7th Atendance Struggle (03.09)

News from the Layoff/ Why did the Minister of Workers come

One Man's Strike

Daewoo Struggle Joint Strike / Mokpo Samho

Full Strike Report 10 / Sangok Church Unionist Attendance Strike

[March 1st] Rally From the Seoul Station Square to Shinchon Yonsei University (A lot of Riot policemen blockade the student and laborers solidarity rally very violently.)


Attendance Struggle


[Feb. 28] Crash with riot police very fiercely in front of Inchon Education University

Urgent Report Demonstration At Sangok Cathedral (02.25)

The Spot in Bu-pyung - The Voice of Labor (02.24)

Kim Woo-Jung Arrest Squad Departure (02.24)

Struggle at Inchon University (02.23)

The Police Forcible Violenc I (02.22)

Collision on Highway (02.21)

Police Storm Daewoo Motor Plant (02.19)

Sit-in at Kim Woo-choong's own House - (02.09)


Interpol warrant for Daewoo chief [BBC] (2001.03.09)

Riots over Daewoo layoffs [BBC] (2001.03.08)

Clashes as Daewoo plant reopens [CNN] (2001.03.08)

Activists clash with police in protest over Daewoo Motor layoffs [San Francisco Chronicle] (2001/03/07)

Daewoo to Resume Operation at Pupyong Plant (2001/03/06)

Daewoo prepares self-help plans for GM withdrawal (2001/03/06)

Daewoo workers:the ugly face of globalisation raised at Sydney solidarity rally [Workers Online] (2001.03.02)

Australian manufacturing union supports Daewoo workers' struggle [AMWU] (2001.03.02)

Australian solidarity rally in support of Daewoo workers [AMWU] (2001.03.01)

Daewoo unionists stage Paris 'street performance' in chase to arrest former boss (2001.02.28)

International trade union requesting urgent solidarity support for Daewoo workers [IMF] (2001.02.28)

Unionists Call for Kim WC's Arrest in Paris (2001/02/28)

[Korea Herald] Daewoo FSO plans to lay off 1,294 workers ... (2001/02/26)

[Korea Herald] Protests against Daewoo Motor layoffs turn violen... (2001/02/26)

[Hankook Ilbo] Daewoo Poland to Cut 26.2 Pct of Workforce (2001/02/25)

[KOIS] Daewoo Motor to Cut 26.2 Pct of Workforce at Polish Unit  (2001/02/25)

[Hankook Ilbo] Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad Leaves for Paris (2001/02/23)

[BBC] Daewoo workers battle with SKorea police (2001/02/20)

[Worker's Online] Diary of the Daewoo showdown (2001/02/25)

[CNN]  Fiery clashes as Daewoo protests continue (2001/02/25)

[IMF] Daewoo struggle intensifies (2001/02/23)

[BBC World Service] Daewoo workers battle with police (2001/02/22)

[JoongAngIlbo] Union rally turns violent (2001/02/21)

[CNN] Firebombs in fresh Daewoo clashes with workers (2001/02/21)

[Korea Herald] Daewoo workers clash with police. KCTU talks of all-out anti-gv't struggle (2001/02/20)

[BBC] Daewoo workers hurl fire-bombs and wield metal clubs in face of riot police attacks (2001/02/20)

[Radio Australia] Police storm car plant to end union protest (2001/02/20)

[CNN] Riot police raid Daewoo plant; some union leaders detained; police have list of 30 to arrest (More info) (IMAGES) (2001/02/20)

[Korea Times] Protesting Daewoo unionists clash violently with riot police  (2001/02/20)

[Korea Herald] Daewoo strike may sway GM into dropping bid (2001/02/20)

[S.F. Gate] Police raid Daewoo Motor plant to try to end protest (2001/02/19)

[Ananova] Daewoo workers clash with police (2001/02/19)

[CNN] Riot police clash with Daewoo workers demanding their jobs back (IMAGES) (2001/02/19)

[S.F. Gate] Daewoo Motor workers clash with police (2001/02/18)

[Korea Times] Daewoo Motors to press for layoffs - despite union threats of general walkout (2001/02/17)

[JoongAng Ilbo] Daewoo Motor Union firm on plans to strike over cuts (2001/02/17)

[CNN] (in Norwegian) Daewoo sier opp 1750 ansatte (2001/02/16)

[BBC] Daewoo may cut more than 12,000 jobs - in Korea and around the world (2001/02/13)

[AP] Daewoo Motor Workers Threaten Strike (2001/02/09)

[JoongAng Ilbo] Strike at Daewoo auto unit (2001/02/06)

[Korea Times]Daewoo suspends production at a number of plants (2001/02/06)





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